You Can Maximize Credit Card Benefit in India Free 0f Cost


We heard lots of negative stories about Credit Card. But here in this blog, we’ll discuss possible ways to get extra benefits with your Credit Card in India. The additional benefits are Free of cost, which means you are paying ₹0. We’ll update you about the benefits from time to time. So be assured you’re reading the latest blog. The benefits are over and above directly from the credit card company and provided by third parties.


Credit card bill payment in India is now rewarding like never before. Join CRED to get 250-1000 real money as a joining bonus💰 on CRED app when you pay bill for the first time on the app. Not only that, with each bill payment of 1000 or more, you will get access to the slot machine game, where you can get cashback by paying cred coins. Cred Coins can be earned for each rupee bill paid. The game will be unlocked for three days. You can unlock the game every fourth day for each credit card. Even you can earn cashback by doing mobile recharges, bill payments etc.

During events like TATA IPL, Dipawali etc possible reward got increased. Hence, you can earn more FREE Money. Recently CRED Bounty program introduced where you can earn daily assured reward and jackpot, if lucky. Click here ↗ to know more about CRED APP.


Hope every month you spend some portion of your credit card on a few top US companies like Apple, Amazon, Walmart (Flipkart, Myntra), Netflix, etc. So nothing to do extra. When your statement gets generated based on that you’ll get Free Stock from INDMoney↗. The Virtual US Stocks are worth 1% of your credit card spend (based on your spending on supported merchants). The maximum capping of reward is at ₹100* per stock and ₹200* overall in this category per month. Additional Free stock worth upto ₹2000* for Signing up for the First time, use Code FPT3PGLJAPL or INDMoney Link🔗.

Via email permission, card statements are getting tracked. Rewards that you have already claimed do not expire. However, your unclaimed rewards expire 90 days from the date of receiving the reward. To know more about INDMoney Read full blog related to INDMoney here↗.

FREE US stock on spending from Credit Card


Why does someone give you free money? It’s a valid question. One of the promotional methods to acquire a customer is to provide free benefits to the customer. It is a win-win situation for both. Use the apps mentioned wisely and gain monetary benefits. The apps mention claim they are safe to use and take care of your security.

If you are not reading this blog from a Mobile device, Scan the QR code and start reading from your Smartphone. The benefits are available from Smartphone App. QR code contains this blog URL or you can type to visit our blog home page.

W A L K E R B U D G E T . C O M

Earn Money With Credit Card

Disclaimer: We only try to convey a correct possible message after using and/or analyzing it from different sources. Our motive is to help you. We are not responsible for any of the benefits or any sort of things. INDmoney, INDwealth,,, are brand and product of Finzoom Investment Advisors (P) Limited. Whenever Free stock is mentioned, it by default means Virtual Free Stock which are partial and represents top US Stocks like Apple or top Virtual assets or crypto-currency like Bitcoin etc. CRED is a brand and product of Dreamplug Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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