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From India, investing in the US market cost you a little more. But INDmoney relatively cost you less. Overall it’ll cost you 8-10% more ( Stock have to increase that much to achieve at least break even). INDmoney gives lots of free virtual part stock, which holds the same value linked stock (lock-in period 14 days). You should not frequently withdraw money from the US account to the Indian Account. But you can do buy-sell often. Only open an account if you’re comfortable and want to have US stock market exposure. We will discuss INDmoney thoroughly in this review blog. To claim your free part Stock click any of the favourite stock links. We are happy to read your comments too.

Claim any of your Favorite Free Stock by clicking on any button

FREE STOCKS are not actual STOCK “BUT”

The INDMoney rewards are virtual shares of pinnacle US shares like Google, Amazon, Apple or pinnacle cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum. They are an illustration of the actual-time rate of the stock/crypto. After you claim these rewards, they end up a part of your rewards portfolio, which features just like an ordinary investment portfolio. You could redeem (can sell at market linked price) any fraction of your reward holdings to get the equivalent value as Indian Rupees in your bank account. So IND Money free Stocks Hold ACTUAL VALUE with initial lock-in period of 14 days.

Those virtual stocks track the real-time value of the correlated stock/crypto. For this reason, the price/value of those rewards changes with time. Rewards claimed by you will become part of your reward holdings. Inside the reward stocks segment of the Rewards dashboard, you could see a listing of all virtual stocks on your rewards portfolio with their current value. As rewards are virtual stocks and a representation, you do not earn any dividends on your stock rewards. But track the real-time value of the represented assets. As welcome bonus you’ll receive Free virtual Stock worth up to 1000 INR or more. The offer terms may change time to time.

INDMoney Lying about Free Stock Welcome Bonus

On the Ind money app, when you join for the first time, you may get not 1 or 2 welcome bonuses of free US stock but more than 4. That translates to more than 1000 Rupees worth of Free Stock. Whereas other application welcome bonuses are only one or two. Each welcome bonus is explained by us below. GET PRO TIP after the last point.

  1. When you join by using our link, get ₹10-1250 worth of free stock, or if you installed the app but are not signed up yet, use the following code: Free APPLE Share use the code inside the quotation mark ” FPT3PGLJAPL “.
  2. When you add money for the first time, get Free US stock worth ₹750 or more.
  3. When you verify your profile on INDMoney, get Free Stock.
  4. When you allow the IND Money app to auto-track your loans and cards, get free stock.
  5. When you allow INDMoney to auto-track your investments, get free stock.
  6. Other rewarding benefits are going to unlock too.
Pro Tip to save more money on the INDMoney app
  1. For adding US Dollars to your account, the GST amount is fixed ₹45 for ₹1000-25002. Hence, try to add the maximum amount possible and get more Dollars for your Rupees. Adding at least 5000-10000 for the first time may profitable for you.
  2. The withdrawal fee is $5, no matter how much US dollar you are withdrawing to Indian Rupees. Hence, do not withdraw your US Dollars to Indian rupees frequently to avoid more charges. The fee is only applicable when you take back USD to INR, not on buying and selling. So you can do buy and sell US stocks frequently. This charge can be avoid by subscribing to any Premium Plan*.
Maximum Free Stock Capping
You can redeem up to : • ₹1,000 per redemption • ₹2,500 per month • ₹15,000 per year
US stock account opening benefits from India
FREE stock for good financial habits
FREE US stock on spending from Credit Card

INDMoney Dark Secret :: INR to USD Conversion Rate

We mention it as a dark secret because INDMoney officially didn’t state how much the actual conversion rate linked to the currency market. So, we compared real-time data from Google USD to INR conversion and TradingView and the conversion rate given at that particular time by the INDmoney app. From that analysis, we analyzed this part of the blog. From this, we do not want to demotivate you from investing in US Stock. The purpose is to give information.

Scenario 1: 24 February 2022, 21:53 IST
The currency conversion value of INR to USD from Google and TradingView terminal was ₹75.41≈$1 and the day high was ₹75.81≈$1. Whereas INDMoney was giving ₹76.97≈$1 at that particular time. By comparing the figures, the difference was about 2%.

Scenario 2: 11 March 2022, 23:24 IST
The currency conversion value of INR to USD from Google and TradingView terminal was ₹76.66≈$1 and the day high was ₹76.72≈$1. Whereas INDMoney was giving ₹77.63≈$1 at that particular time. By comparing the figures, the difference was about 1.25%.

Scenario 3: 19 March 2022, 12:44 IST
As the market was closed, the considered conversion rate of INR to USD by tracking the high of 14 March to 18 March, then adding the highest and lowest value and divided by 2. The result comes out ₹76.22≈$1. The last value given by Google search was ₹75.95≈$1. The conversion rate offered on 19 March 2022, 12:44 IST by INDMoney was ₹76.76≈$1. The difference was from the divided value was at 0.70% and from Google search value was 1.06%

By this observation, we can sum it up that the conversion value can be range from 0.50% to 2.5% higher (may depend on market volatility) and additional ₹45 as GST from ₹1000 to ₹25002 for conversion. Higher the amount, lesser the GST. But still lesser than Competition.

INDmoney us stock app conversion rate comparision

All Features are not FREE

All Features are not FREE. INDMoney works on a Freemium model. They have 6 different levels of Paid services over and above free services based on investment portfolio size. The Premium Services are Financial Planning & Goals Management, Rebalancing & New Investment Advice, INDprotect (Risk Management), Tax Management & Computation, Monthly Audit, Family Dashboard, Tax Filing (Only available from IND Gold+ plan), Family Office Manager. INDmoney Premium Services are charged monthly. Current plans are as follows. IND Gold ₹399 for Investment Portfolio Size ₹0 – ₹50L, IND Gold+ ₹999 for Investment Portfolio Size ₹0 – ₹1.5 Cr, IND Platinum ₹2999 for Investment Portfolio Size ₹0 – ₹3 Cr, IND Platinum+ ₹5999 for Investment Portfolio Size ₹0 – ₹5 Cr, IND Custom plan not mentioned any price which needs to be discussed with Dedicated Team for Investment Portfolio Size above ₹5 Cr.

Hold on, there is a notable plan called Prime at ₹99/month for Investment Portfolio Size ₹0 – ₹25L. The benefits are:

  1. Withdrawal charges for the US stock portfolio above $100 are nill. Hence, you save $5*.
  2. Robo-generated (basically AI-generated) action plan to help you achieve your financial goals.
  3. Monitoring and recommendations by Robo advisory engine (AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence).
  4. Membership benefits extend to your family members.
  5. IND protect, which provides alerts on high-risk debt investments.
  6. All investments are 0 brokerage and 0 commissions.
  7. All other benefits which already available on the free plan are also included.
INDMoney Prime Plan benefitsCancel subscription anytime*Financial investment consists of  your Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, PMS and AIF Investments*


As we used the app for a brief period, it’s a better application to invest in the US stock market from India compared to its current competition available in India. You can buy US stocks and ETFs from India directly from the app for as little as $1. The withdrawal charge is also less comparatively. But can avoid it by paying for a premium plan. There are few other charges levied by them but these are outside of IND Money and beyond their control. Your fund and investment are secured. 

If the IND Money goes out of business, their US broker DriveWealth and Alpaca will ensure that you can access your portfolio through them, with the account created through the INDmoney platform. Also, note that both DriveWealth and Alpaca are members of the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). SIPC protects customers of SIPC-member broker-dealers if the firm fails financially. Coverage is up to $500,000 per customer for all accounts at the same institution, including a maximum of $250,000 for cash.

Investing in US Stocks from India is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India under the  Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS). An Indian national can remit up to $250,000 a year under this scheme. Investment in US stocks is classified under Foreign Portfolio Investments in the purpose code S0001 (Indian Investment abroad – in equity capital shares).

Additional Information about INDMoney App

US Stocks Explained

US stocks are bought and sold on major exchanges in the US, such as the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), just like the BSE and NSE in India. Within these exchanges, there are some indices that measure the stock market’s performance. The three major indices for US stocks are the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ Composite, like the SENSEX and NIFTY in India. Dow tracks the 30 large, blue-chip companies listed on US exchanges, the S&P 500 includes 500 large companies from different sectors, and the NASDAQ Composite represents the value of stocks listed on NASDAQ.

Types of US Stocks

US stocks can be categorized into four types based on their market capitalization or market cap. Each of these categories has a threshold based on market cap. As the market cap is calculated using stock price, these thresholds change based on changing stock prices:

Small Cap

Small-cap stocks have a market capitalization of between $300 million and $2 billion. Small-cap stocks offer a high potential for growth but carry greater risk than other categories. Small caps are suited for investors with a high-risk appetite and those who are willing to invest time in researching good quality stocks.

Mid Cap

Midcap companies have market caps in the range of $2 billion and $10 billion. Mid-caps are high-potential companies, expecting growth in revenues and profits. Midcap stocks are riskier than mega-cap and large-cap stocks and are suited for investors with a moderate risk appetite.

Large Cap
Large-cap stocks have a market cap of above $10 billion. Large-cap stocks, or big caps, are established companies with stable revenues and profits. Large-cap stocks are usually very liquid. Due to their size and stability, large-cap stocks are suited for risk-averse investors.
Mega Cap
Mega cap stocks represent the largest companies in terms of market cap. Usually, mega-cap companies have a market cap of above $200 billion.

Your Security is Our Priority

The First Line of Defense

The first line of defense is on your hand. We have always placed your security first. No matter how secure is the platform, to ensure maximum safety, from your end, please follow the following:

  • Never divulge your personal bank details like card number, CVV, PIN, and OTP in any medium, including calls, texts, or emails.
  • We or the app will never ever ask you for any sensitive details mentioned above.
  • We or the app will never call you and ask to do any payment transaction other than required or install any remote access software such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc.
  • Never respond to such emails, texts, or phone calls.
  • IND Money customer support can be reached via the app or official email or official social media. Please do not engage with phone numbers that claim from support team.
  • Don’t be stupid.

Privacy Practices

  • INDMoney will never rent or sell your information or data to anyone. According to them, they never uses or transfers your data for serving ads, including retargeting, personalized, or interest-based advertising; or by any other means.
  • They will never provide any part of your information to anyone unless explicitly agreed by you.
  • Please refer to their Privacy Policy for more information.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • INDmoney is hosted on a Virtual Private Cloud on Amazon Web Services which provides a secure and scalable technology platform to ensure INDMoney can provide you services securely and reliably. their infrastructure is launched in compliance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework and from the security perspective incorporating practices from the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework.
  • They uses HTTPS protocol for their website and mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”). All communication between the Platform and their servers are protected via 256bit encrypted HTTPS protocol. This prevents MITM (Man in the Middle) attacks on their platform and the connection between them and their user is fully secure. INDMoney has strict network segmentation and isolation of environments and services in place.

Host Security

INDMoney uses industry-leading solutions around anti-virus, anti-malware, intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems, file integrity monitoring, application control, application and audit log aggregation, and automated patching.

All their servers are launched using the Center for Internet Security Benchmarks for Amazon Linux.

Data Security

  • The user log-in is based on One-Time Password (OTP) authentication on INDmoney website and mobile application.
  • All user data and internally stored data are protected by encryption at rest and sensitive data by application-level encryption.
  • They employs separation of environments and segregation of duties and has strict role-based access control on a documented, authorized & need-to-use basis.
  • They uses key management services to limit access to data except for the data team.
  • Stored data is protected by encryption at rest and sensitive data by application-level encryption.
  • They uses data replication for data resiliency & disaster recovery, snapshotting for data durability and backup/restore testing for data reliability.
  • They only uses anonymized and aggregated data for internal analytics and business intelligence purposes.

Incident and Change Management

  • INDMoney has deployed mature processes around Change Management which enables them to release thoroughly tested features for you both reliably and securely enabling you to enjoy the They experience with maximum assurance and security.
  • They has a very aggressive stance on Incident Management on both Systems downtime and Security and Network Operations Center and an Information Security Management System in place which quickly reacts, remediates or escalates any Incidents arising out of planned or unplanned changes.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  • They has an in-house network security team that uses industry-leading products to conduct manual and automated VA/PT activities.
  • They employs both static application security testing and dynamic application security testing which is incorporated into their continuous integration / continuous deployment pipeline.
  • They will leverage CERT-IN certified auditors to do periodic external testing and audits.

Annual security assessment

INDMoney will be undergoing annual security assessment from a Google-designated third party and keep the same updated from time and time or as per instructions from Google and will publish the “letter of assessment” on their website and mobile applications.

Responsible Disclosure

  • They at INDmoney (Finzoom Investment Advisors Private Limited) is committed to their user’s data and privacy.
  • They blend security at multiple steps within their products with state of the art technology to ensure their systems maintain strong security measures
  • The overall data and privacy security design allow them to defend their systems from various attacks.
  • If you are a security enthusiast or a researcher and you have found a possible security vulnerability on INDmoney, they encourages you to report the issue to them responsibly.
  • You could submit a bug report to them at [email protected], [email protected] with detailed steps required to reproduce the vulnerability.
  • They shall put the best of their efforts to investigate and fix the legitimate issues in a reasonable time frame, meanwhile, requesting you not to publicly disclose them.

Points to be Noted

  • The offers are getting changed from time to time. The benefits depend on offer running and/or payment methods but are not limited to these. The reward rule is subject to the terms and conditions of INDMoney (Finzoom Investment Advisors Private Limited).
  • Experian is current Credit Score reporting bureau on INDMoney.
  • Don’t search INDMoney customer care number or similar term on the internet. The search result may give you number of the frauds.
  • We’ll keep updating this blog time to time.
  • For more rewarding application or product visit this Page. You can earn free money and reward.

Disclaimer: We only try to convey a correct possible message after using and/or analyzing it from different sources. Our motive is to help you. We are not responsible for any of the benefits or any sort of things. INDmoney, INDwealth, IND.app, IND.money, INDsave.com are brand and product of Finzoom Investment Advisors (P) Limited. Whenever Free stock is mentioned, it by default means Virtual Free Stock which are partial and represents top US Stocks like Apple or top Virtual assets or crypto-currency like Bitcoin etc.

CREDIT: Finzoomers Services Private Limited, Finzoom Investment Advisors Private Limited, Other sources which directly or indirectly helped to write this blog.

Warning: No body is 100% secure and safe in this online world. But the platform always working to ensure your safety. Please follow safety rules.

Note: * (star) mark denotes it may vary, depend on the company terms and conditions but not limited to these.

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